Saturday, January 1, 2011

Elif Medya to return

In mid-December a turkish jihâdî website released the information that Elif Medya, a media group closely linked to the German Tâlibân Mujâhidîn (Deutsche Tâlibân Mujâhidîn), would return soon with a website of their own (there have been two now defunct websites of that media group before).

Elif Medya Çok Yakında Yayında Olacak

alman taliban mücahidleri’ne ait olan Elif Medya yönetim ve cemaat emiri selahaddin turkinin şehadetinden sonra bir süre yayın hayatına veda eden elif Medya ve Alman Taliban Mücahidlerinin Yeni Emiri olan Abdul Fettah Almani dün Cihad Medya Yayın Grubu İle bir araya gelerek Elif Medyayı Tekrar yayın hayatına devam etmesi gerektiğini düşündüklerini belirterek bizlere bunun müjdesini vererek bizde bunun sevincini sizlerle paylaşöak istedik 
çok yakında video beyanat vereceklerinide söylediler

Two points are interesting:

1. Elif Medya is not completely wiped out as one may have thought.

2. The statement mentions there is a new Amîr (their last one was killed in summer 2010), namely 'Abdul Fattâh al Almânî (the German).

Long story short, I checked some old Elif Medya/German Tâlibân videos for that person and I believe I have found him. He appears in the video "Im Namen Allah's" (In Allah's name) released in April 2010. He is identified as 'Abdul Fattâh al Muhâjir and addresses German Muslims in German language. I think due to the name combined with him obviously being German it is a good guess that 'Abdul Fattâh al Muhâjir is 'Abdul Fattâh al Almânî.

'Abdul Fattâh al Almânî? - screenshot from "Im Namen Allahs", Elif Medya, April 2010

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,
I ask the Muslims, and if Allah wishes the M'uminîn (religious term meaning real believers, every M'umin is a Muslim but not all Muslims are M'uminîn) amongst you to fight for the religion of Allah. I call on you to come to the occupied contries to fight against the Kuffâr (disbelievers, non-Muslims) and the Munâfiqûn (hypocrites, a person who claims to be Muslim yet isn't, jihâdî's use this term against their Muslim enemies) as they fight against us, as they want to humiliate the religion of Allah, but they don't know how.

They will not succeed, because Allah says that he will complete his light and because Allah says that they want to extinguish his light, yet he doesn't allow them to do so. Let's be a reason for the advance of this, Allah's religion, so that Allah's word is the highest and for the return of sharî'ah (Islamic Law) so that all of us can live honourable under sharî'ah.

Allah says that he has only created Men and Jinn so that they serve him. Therefore serve Allah and serve his religion so that you won't be in trouble on Judgement Day when you stand in front of Allah. What do you want to tell Allah if you stand in front of him and you didn't serve him but you served the Tawâghît (false deities, salafî-jihâdîs also use the term for enemy governments)?

That's why I call on all of you for your own selves, and for this ummah (Islamic nation) and for the religion of Allah to come hither to make jihâd for the sake of Allah, as well as in your own countries and to fight for Allah's religion so that Allah's word becomes the highest.

Support is with your prayers, support us with money, support us with preaching, do what ever you are capable of to bring forward the religion of Allah. The Kuffâr and the Munâfiqûn have gathered and they fight against the religion of Allah. So let's become an ummah (nation) once again und let's fight honourably against the Kuffâr, so that we defeat them. Allah said that victory is near, and we will certainly prevail. The question is whether you want to be a reason for the advance of Allah's religion.

May Allah reward you, Allah bless you, Peace be with you.

 While you may find his speech boring there are two points to remark:

1. His German is very good, a native speaker without any sign of a foreign or the "typical immigrant" or "lower class" accent. He could be some middle class typical German.

2. He often uses Arabic terms and paraphrases verses from the Qur`ân, he may have had some Islamic education.  

Both points are needed for a good propagandist. When Elif Medya returns its video quality may have suffered but the content may be more sophisticated than before. And it maybe a tribute video to their former Amîr or the other fighters they lost last year.


On a side note: The short clip of Abû 'Abdullah al Almânî mentioned here is also included in that video, yet in a much better quality than in the martyrdom tribute one. Technical problem or loss of the original media hideout?

A German Tâlibân fighter who has been killed in summer 2010 in an Elif Medya release from April 2010