Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The forgotten terrorist

As everybody knows there is an al Qâ'idah group (AQAP) in Yemen. As some know Abû Basîr Nâsir al Wuhayshî is their commander, Abû Sufyân S'aîd al-Shihrî is their vice-commander and Abû Hurayrah Qâsim al-Rîmî is their military commander.

As the media blitz goes on everybody knows that `Anwar al 'Awlaqî is with them. This is not yet proven without doubt but very likely. One may hear the media refer to him as their mufti (as in religiously knowledgeable person who makes religious rulings). Well, he isn't. Same goes for former Guantanamo inmate Ibrâhîm al-Rubaysh who also got famous in western media and some claim that he is AQAP's mufti. Well, he is neither.

The one who is the person in charge of their shar'îah comittee is named Abû Zubayr 'Adil al 'Abab. And it seems that about nobody notices that guy. The two that were mentioned before even "have his job" according to western media. I personally can't understand why. He is quite possibly the "number 4" of AQAP. I for one even think that he is rhetorically better than numbers 1,2 and 3. It's a complete mystery to me.

Recently an audio by Abû Zubayr was released and somebody noticed. As the coblogger at Jihadology rightly said: For more on [him] see the various posts by Gregory D. Johnsen of Waq al-Waq on him.

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