Saturday, September 18, 2010

On UBL's lecture

Some hours ago a lecture by Usâmah bin Lâden was released on the usual internet forums. The lecture is about the hadîth (A hadîth is a report of a saying or an action of Muhammad, the prophet of Islâm. Look it up on wiki, it is just too long to write about it in detail today morning) of K'aab bin Malik. The hadîth is about how K'aab did not go to battle and how much of a sin that was. UBL is applying it to today's situation declaring anyone who is not in jîhad sinful. Anyway that is not the interesting thing.

The lecture has been around in Arabic for ages (maybe even pre 9/11, but not sure about that, it is definitely recorded pre 9/11 though). Today morning it was released in Urdu (the lingua franca of Pakistan). Nothing unusual here, it is quite common for AQC to release video files in multiple languages or to rerelease a file in another language after it had been posted in Arabic at a prior date.

So what is the unusual thing about it? Well, one of those internet forums (Ansar English) released this lecture by UBL translated by them to English on August 12th. The official (made by AQ) Urdu release followed on September 18th. A coincidence? I don't think so.

I personally believe that the Urdu version was triggered by the English one that was not made by AQ but by AQ fans. AQ's media wing monitors what their supporters/fans do and reacts. This is nothing new AQ behaved like this before. But I think this is the first time that a fan made translation into one language was followed up by AQ with an official translation into another language. Therefore I consider it somewhat noteworthy as it is a situation where we see how AQ and its supporters interact.

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